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1099 Software

This software made by Mary's Software to protect small business information. Mostly of small businesses have so many invoices and bills to fallow up but they wouldn't has been used the accounting software. Because accounting software are very hard to use in small business. Mary's Software made 1099 software to small business.

If you have small business please call us for more information. This software is very easy to use and it has been supported by Marys Software 24/7

Flooring Software

The MSC has been designed for companies in the floor covering industry. Whether you are a flooring retailer, importer, distributor, installer, or multi-family property manager, our software solutions can help organize, streamline and facilitate your operation. The cornerstone of our solution is the MSC. It is a powerful, yet affordable, system that manages all of your sales, inventory, purchasing, warehousing, installations, importing and financial accounting needs. MSC is built on industry leading Microsoft technologies, employing a full Access Database.


Swallow Software

What is the Swallow?

Swallow is software can help you keep all of your account information in one place. Don't put one password on different account. With Swallow Software you don't need put the same password on your different account. Do you know mostly (maybe you are) People have one password for all of thier account. That make unsecure accounts.

Envelope Printing Software

If you have some customer and you are sending them mail. It is the best way to use this software to print envelope.

Envelope Printing Software makes printing your Envelopes. It save all of your sending addresses. It design for small busness. It is very easy software.

Printing Envelope is a the best software can help you print envelopes very fast and easy. You can use it when you need to print contact information on multiple envelopes. If this operation is performed on a frequent basis, you might save some time using this application. Download FREE
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Commission Software

Right now all of the business have some employ on commission. Commission is very hard to account and calculate. We have commission software for your business. Please call us for more information.


Custom Software

Mary's Softwa is ready to design new and custom software for your business. We did a lot of custom software. Mary's Software can support your software too. If you need a software or you want to keep some information safe in your computer and you don't have solid software, please call us we will help you and design software for you.